Hi, I’m Kristen (with an e). I am a twenty-something nonprofiteer who lives in a small, walker-friendly town in good ol’ North Cackilacky.  I live with my shepherd mutt, Susie Q, in a little cottage with a lot of yard.  Our home is a continual DIY work in progress.

I enjoy crack of dawn early morning and late night runs, yoga, hiking, swinging….whatever allows me to be outside and feel like a kid. I love vintage finds, Hemingway novels and Audrey Hepburn movies. I am southern to the core, but I love all things French. I love to travel and to explore new places. I like to figure things out myself, which has led to trying my hand at carpentry and upholstery. I was the kid that fought to do whatever she was told she couldn’t do (mostly only good things though). In the words of my mother, I am independent and stubborn to a fault. I love volunteering and working with people of different backgrounds (I can learn so much from them!). I have always had a passion for writing and storytelling, in particular telling the stories of those who are unable to do so themselves.

Welcome to rue3twenty2 – the product of a desire to practice more creativity in my everyday life. Here you will find lots of stories – stories of exciting travels and misadventures, food and my attempts at creating a life-changing cupcake, shopping and deal-hunting, healthy living and attempts at finding balance, decorating and DIY, and, most importantly, stories of inspiring people and places. I know that’s quite a bit of topics, but I am quite a talker so I have a lot to share. I hope you are able to draw inspiration from this site and to find your own inner creative soul.

Thanks for reading.

Kristen 😉


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