Giving Thanks and Black Friday Crafting

I know this comes a bit…er…late.  In my defense, my computer is ancient and likes to freeze up so I haven’t had the patience amidst the stress of the holidays to attempt a blog post.  We all know those can be difficult sometimes without an added computer problem. 

Anyway…our Thanksgiving was turkey-licious!  (Is that too corny?!)  My friend, Kristin, was down from DC so she convinced me to do an 8K Turkey Trot.  It was quite cold but definitely enjoyable.  I love seeing runners all dressed up in homemade turkey outfits ready to hit the pavement!  We did not dress up this time, but I’m already planning next year’s costume.  My faves of the day were two dads with Indian headdresses and speedos with “leather” strips attached.  Other than the head-gear and speedo skirt, they were clotheless.  But the cutest part was that they were pushing their daughters in trike strollers.  It was wrong and presh all at the same time.

Kristin has been marathon training so of course she kicked my butt, but 50 minutes ain’t too shabby for someone who hasn’t done a race since May when she completely ruined her ankle for about a month.  I have been perfectly fine with easing back in.  After the race, we spent half an hour searching for each other amidst the other 10,000 trotters.  We met up just in time to snap this:


before heading to our respective houses for Turkey Day.  E and I decided to host out families this year, so we had a fun time selecting the menu and decorating.  His parents came down the mountain and my parents, sis and her bf and their 2 kids spent the evening eating and celebrating.  I made sweet and sour apple cranberry sauce, perfectly mashed potatoes, a beautiful apple pie with maple leaf detail and roasted molasses vegetables from December’s Southern Living.  All were a hit.  Everyone brought something so it was a little less stressful than usual.  I’d say it was a very happy day, especially since I didn’t beat myself up about eating so much after I ran 5 miles first thing that morning. 🙂


The next day was the infamous Black Friday.  I never partake in the sales and ruckus so I decided to host a Christmas craft day instead!  I picked up a ton of stuff on sale at Michael’s and had a table set and ready to go. WARNING: the following photo is intended for craft nerds only.


E’s sis and my good friend, Rachel, Kristin and I spent the entire day painting and glittering ornaments, making burlap wreaths and drinking poinsettias. Veronica (my friend with the awesome kids I talk about all the time) even stopped by for a poinsettia and some hang out time. 



The wreath was definitely my favorite thing I made.  The piece with the flowers detaches so I can change it out with the season.  It was about $30 for the materials but I ended up with 5 wreaths.  It was another successful and fun day and I was even able to decorate half of my tree with the ornaments I made! 


Anyone else doing some holiday crafting?  Do share…

Happy Holidays!


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