les fenetres – gratuit!

My neighbor is a fifty-something single male who, until recently, lived with his eighty-something mother next door.  She has Alzheimer’s and would sometimes show up on other neighbors’ doorsteps with a suitcase claiming she was coming to stay with them.  She never came to our door, but I would occasionally get a wave when she would sweep her front porch.  She’s now in a nursing home, so her son, self-named Crazy Uncle Charlie, has decided to sell her stuff.  And by stuff, I mean crap that nobody wants.  Like a bedpan.  And a rusty old birdcage.  And a split headboard.

Usually we ride by, embarrassed to live next door to someone who puts a bedpan in his front yard with a homemade FOR SALE sign on it.  This was until last night.  On our way home, we saw a stack of about 20 or so old windows.  Yes, windows!  For a Pinterest fiend like me, I can think of about a hundred uses for said windows.  Picture frame.  Room divider.  Yard decoration.  I could go on and on.  Here is an example of an idea I pinned just yesterday:

When we pulled in the driveway, Elliott asked, “You want those windows, don’t you?”  I responded with a very enthusiastic, “Of course I do!  Why would you even need to ask?!”  We ignored the looming storm clouds, wind and thunder and hauled ourselves next door.  He wanted to take five of them.  I wanted them ALL.  About a dozen trips later, they were all neatly propped on our back porch.

There are different sizes with different numbers of panes.  I can’t wait to drag Kristin, a self-proclaimed Queen of the Unwanted, down from DC to spend an entire weekend putting our useful pins to the test.  My local friends, Elizabeth and Becca, also want to join in on the fun.  I’m thinking a DIY Saturday equipped with some Florence + the Machine blaring through the outdoor speakers and some mason jar cocktails…now, that’s what I call a southern good ole time! 😉


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