one bad mother runner at a barn sale

After a handful of hours behind the wheel (yet again) and only one wrong turn, I made it to DC.  My childhood best friend, Kristin, recently moved there from Charleston and was dying to have visitors in the big city!   Her friend, Shannon, another blogger and runner, also came down from Brooklyn.  We spent Friday night in DC enjoying a few quesadillas on the rooftop of a restaurant in Georgetown and then proceeded to Bourbon for drinks.

The second I tasted the delicious drink pictured above I promptly yelped, “This tastes like Asia!”  It was some kind of cucumber ginger martini that warmed both my throat and my heart.  It was so good that I of course had another.  After a few drinks (there might have even been a very strong mint julep in the mix) and lots of catching up, we made the lovely walk back to Kristin’s apartment.  We needed sleep before hitting the road Saturday morning for some barn sale-ing and half marathoning!

We began our beautiful Saturday with Bruegger’s bagels and iced coffees before hitting the road to VA.  An hour or so of driving later, out of the city and through the middle of nowhere, we arrived at the famed Lucketts Barn Sale (insert ahhhh here).

I don’t remember the last time I was that excited to pull up to a parking lot.  I could smell the food stands and see the rows and rows of vendors, like the famous Miss Mustard Seed.

There were so many inspirational pieces, which I of course took photos of to remind me to DIY later.  I even picked up the cute little metal stools above for $15 a pop!  I’m thinking they might need a little chalk paint job on the seat….but we’ll see.  Here are some of my inspiration finds:

Antique buffet turned bathroom vanity…

Precious Frenchie desk…

And it wouldn’t be a barn sale without a delicatessen or two.  I devoured the best crab cake sandy ever in about 90 seconds. You think I’m kidding?  Look-y here:

After filling our bellies, it was time to hit the road again to Fredericksburg, VA for the Marine Corps Half Marathon.  We visited the expo to get our runners packets and some other goodies.  My favorite?  A sticker that said, “one bad mother runner”.  Oh yeah, that’s going on my car.  I also got two car coasters that said “will run for wine” and “I sweat liquid awesome”.  I certainly channeled my inner Barney Stinson.  After the expo, we got our carb fix at Carabba’s, my pre half marathon tradition.  We checked into our hotel and had a pretty relaxed evening since we had to get up at 5:30 a.m. to drive to the lot to take a bus to the starting line.

Above is the pic of us post race (from left: me, Kristin, Shannon).  It was not my personal best by any means, but I was running with giant blisters on my soles and a swollen ankle so I’ll chalk it up to injury.  I typically run my races in the winter, so a May run was new to me.  There were a lot of hills and the heat got to me a little more than I expected.  It did feel the usual amazing to cross the finish line!

After the race we showered and headed to downtown F-burg for brunch and some sightseeing.  I was so excited to eat food and partake in some juicy mimosas.  A post brunch walk was perfect before the drive back to DC.  I even managed to snap a few pics while we walked.

The rest of the evening in DC was very low-key.  We settled for a little Georgetown shopping – ahem Lululemon – and a lovely Asian dinner on the patio before ending the day with a movie.  We saw “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” and it was even cuter than I expected.  If you haven’t seen it, I recommend that you do.  Your significant other would even get a kick out of the Chris Rock daddy’s at the park montages interspersed throughout the film.

We were happy chill at dinner and a movie instead of trying to cram in some sightseeing before our next adventure.  Where’s that do you ask?  NYC baby!


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