Pet storage and chalkboard shelf

Back in the fall I purchased a shabby chic shelf with two small drawers and four painted panels that can be taken out.  When I spotted it at a booth at my favorite shop in my old stomping ground (Gravy in Brevard, NC), I just had to have it.  I thought the painted panels would match perfectly with my newly (at the time) painted walls.  It has been occupying space on my bedroom floor for months and it was time to move it to its new home on my wall.  I knew exactly where I wanted it so I Craig’s Listed this old piece:

I love my old baker’s rack – it’s the only piece of furniture I still have from high school.  I have gotten lots of use out of it and it was harder to let go than expected, but I wanted something cleaner and with hiding places so it wouldn’t seem cluttered.  And it felt good to pass her on to someone who really wanted her (is it strange that I just personified a piece of furniture?).

I knew that the top right panel would have to be taken out since the thermostat is in the way.  I decided to channel my crafty pinterest board and make my own chalkboard paint out of leftover wall paint so that the bottom left panel would be the same color.  I apparently lost the picture I had taken of the process (sigh).  If you want to mix your own chalk paint, the recipe is 1/2 cup acrylic paint in whatever color you like mixed with 1 tablespoon of unsanded grout.  It’s quick, easy, and fairly mess free!

Didn’t get the measurements for hanging quite right the first time, but the 2nd time it was spot on!  I was excited to write on my chalkboard panel for the first time!

I wanted a storage bench under it to have a place to put on shoes and store Susie Q’s doggy goodies, so I took the wheat tufted ottoman from under the sideboard and organized all of her things: treats, shampoos, meds, paw wipes, febreze, dog fur roller, mini broom and LL Bean travel bag.

Et viola!

It was a great day for a small after work organization project!


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