Baking with the Doors Open

Saturday was a beautiful day. Birds chirping. Sun shining. Breeze blowing. You get the picture. After a short day of work ugh I hurried to Bi-Lo and was in and out in ten minutes flat. I had a ton of baking to do before Easter! Since it was so nice out, I threw open my patio doors and poured myself a glass of Chardonnay Sur Lies from Biltmore…so light and crisp – perfect for sipping while baking.

Easter is my favorite holiday and this year, thanks to Pinterest, I had lots of ideas about what I wanted to make. My parents were hosting the festivities, so I was only responsible for bringing the desserts.  I had it narrowed down to 3 very delicious choices:
– Berry Cobbler via Everyday Occasions
– Cake Batter Truffles via Chef in Training
– Skinny Coconut Cupcakes via Skinny Taste
Instead of choosing just one to make, I decided on all 3.  Everyone likes options! I can easily follow a recipe but I also like to mix it up and sub certain things or add a little something here and there.  I laid out all my ingredients, preset the oven and pulled out all my baking dishes.

I started with the cobbler.  The recipe was for blackberry cobbler, but I had some strawberries and blueberries that needed to be eaten so I added them to the mix.  I also subbed organic sugar crystals instead of regular white sugar. I used my fleur-de-lis pie plate for the first time (yay!) and as silly as it sounds, I think that made the cobbler even more delicious.

The butter bubbled up on the sides to add a slight saltiness to the edges of the crust. Combined with the sugary fruit and remaining crust, it was just the right melange of salty sweet.

While the cobbler baked, I got to work on the cake batter truffles. My mom has gotten me addicted to the cake pops at Starbucks so I thought I’d surprise her with these on Easter. They’re like cake pops sans the stick. They were easy to make, but took a little longer than I expected. If the balls of cake batter dough got warm as I rolled them in the vanilla coating, they’d break in half. So, about every 10 minutes I had to refrigerate the cake balls and then reheat the vanilla coating. It was quite a tiring process after a while. I used some pretty Easter sprinkles I impulsively bought at Target a couple of years ago (sprinkles don’t expire, right?) so I was super excited.  Oh, and I was out of wax paper so I had to use saran wrap. I didn’t really notice a difference. They peeled off nicely when chilled.

And the next shot is nice, too….can you see me licking my lips as I sprinkle?  I may or may not have been sampling as I was making them 😉

While these cooled, I prepared the coconut cupcakes. I started with the frosting. I have never made coconut cream cheese frosting, but I must admit I will be trying this again soon. It was just the right texture on the cupcakes and it wasn’t too sweet. It’d also be easy to swap out the coconut extract (which made my house smell amazing all weekend) for orange or almond. I will more than likely be trying this soon. So back to the cupcakes. Here’s the icing prep:

Like how I laid out everything? That wasn’t staged at all…And don’t you just love my teacup stainless measuring cops and spoons? I love to look at them almost as much as I love to use them!  While the icing chilled, I mixed the ingredients for the cupcakes…

….and then poured the yummy batter into the cupcake wrapper lined muffin pans. And yes, I know it was delicious because I sampled some.

The recipe said to ice them right before they’re served so I let them cool overnight. I did, however, allow myself one before bed. I needed something to go with my wine, you know.

And here’s 2 of the final products at my parents’ house for the Easter festivities:

See the bunny peeps playing peek-a-boo?!

Here is a nice one of our eclectic multicultural holiday dishes:

And just for fun, here’s my sister showing me some sisterly love in good ole bunny ears fashion:

And finally, one of the little monkey (also known as my adorable nephew, Mason). I have no idea what he’s doing but isn’t he pinch-his-cheeks precious?!

Hope y’all had a Happy Easter!


2 thoughts on “Baking with the Doors Open

  1. Ohh my goodness this sounds amazing. I am sooo excited for spring and cooking/baking with fresh air pouring through my house!! Sampling your goodies it a must throughout the process!

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