Concert x 2 and a Trip to Biltmore

It has been a super busy couple of weeks. I’ve made a trip to the mountains for a wine tasting, rocked out at 2 concerts, aced (fingers crossed) a midterm, and coordinated a thousand participants for an annual fundraiser bowl-a-thon. So…I thought I’d play a little blog catch up.

I don’t go to concerts often, especially since I can never plan ahead for them, but I always make sure I catch the fabulous, bluesy, Law-siana bred Marc Broussard when he comes to Charlotte. If you’ve never heard of him, you’d be wise to “Rock Steady” to his tunes during a “Lonely Night in Georgia” with “Someone Like Me”. Did you catch that those are 3 titles on my favorite album, Carencro? I’m creative, I know. I would certainly recommend a listen. That night was also a friend’s 35th birthday, so there was lots of dancing and singing loudly while double-fisting Mich Ultra. Good times…

The next weekend was another awesome show at Winthrop University – Ladysmith Black Bambazo. They hail from South Africa and sing a combination of songs in Zulu and English. They definitely put on an entertaining show, high kicks, air kisses and all. You might have heard of them from an album they did in the 80s with Mister Paul Simon, called Graceland. I wasn’t sure how I’d like it but the music was so powerful I couldn’t help but be transported to the zulu farm they sang about (also the title of their new cd). The founder of the group, who has been their leader for over 50 years, describes the direction of the group: “We are teachers. We travel the world spreading our message of peace, love and harmony. What could be better or more important than that?” What a beautiful message…I  feel lucky to have heard it.

The following day, E and I headed up the mountain for a beautiful spring-like day at the Biltmore in Asheville. It was a crazy 60 degree day in February, which made for the perfect  day for wandering through the gardens and a 2 hour wine tasting (you can sample all 21 wines for free, so you know I had to take advantage of that). The air in the mountains has a fresh crispness that fills my lungs with nostalgia of the few years I lived in there every time I visit.

It reminds me to stop and smell the flowers…

And to be silly even at fancy places like the Biltmore…

I’ve also tried out a cupcake recipe on Pinterest and finally finished upholstering my chair (yay!), so you can expect those posts soon.

Happy March! 🙂



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