Resolutions Updates…

Life has gotten a little crazy these days, so unfortunately my blog has suffered. I knew when I wrote my New Year’s resolutions that declaring that I will blog 3 times per week was somewhat advantageous, but I fully intend to give it a little more TLC in the coming weeks. In keeping up with these aforementioned resolutions, I decided to give an update on my progress. Here goes:

1. Be a kick ass MOH for my best friend(of 13 years)’s wedding:
Seeing as the wedding isn’t until July, I have some time. I will say (without giving too much away as my BFF claims to follow this here blog) that I have planned out the bachelorette party down to the very last detail. I did enlist the help of her awesome and Aussie little sister, Sarah, on deciding which cake we will be making (this a DIY event after all!) and what awesomely inappropriate props we will need to purchase. She also seconded my plans for all the bar-hopping we will be doing that eventful evening. Ann Brittan, I know you’re dying to know the details, but you will just have to wait…

Boston skyline

2. Travel to 3 new places (Boston is already on the agenda):
Still working on this. I am trying to firm down the details for Boston in May though. That’s a start, right? I guess I could consider Connecticut and Fredericksburg, Virginia on the list…I’d love to visit Napa Valley and Boulder, too.

3. Write blog posts 3 x per week (yikes – I just realized that’s 156 this year!):
Ugh. As mentioned previously, I was doing so well with this and then life got in the way. Typical, huh? I am making attempts to reach this goal and make up for lost time.

4. Take an art class (I currently have my eye on Alisa Burke’s recycled art class…check out her creative blog at
Still haven’t signed up. I might forgo a summer grad class to do this though. They’re not really offering anything I want/need this summer anyway…

5. Take a photography class/teach myself how to mack on photoshop:
I might be enlisting the help of some friends with experience soon…and getting a camera that is actually worth learning how to use.

6. Finish painting and redecorating my home office and bedroom:
While I know I will always be changing out decor and such, I have made improvements in this arena. Both rooms are now painted and I’ve gotten some fantastic West Elm bedding. Now I just need a rug for my bedroom, closet shutter doors and curtains for both rooms.

7. Make improvements to my backyard (make grass miraculously grow, new shed, fence for Susie Q, lay patio stone, build a fire pit):
I did talk to someone in the biz about landscaping and such but I feel like this could be a never-ending project…Maybe I will should start reading some landscaping books.

8. Get my finances in order (aka pay off my car, undergrad student loan, etc.):
I am making some progress. Thanks to Dave Ramsey, I have successfully saved enough for my emergency fund and paid off 1 credit card. I have also significantly cut back on my spending. Even though I mumbled many an ugly word about doing the Financial Peace class, I am very thankful I followed through. Now, if only I could force myself to use those crazy envelopes…
9. Read at least 10 books that aren’t required for grad school (just started Across the River and into the Trees by Hemingway, my fave author):
Stopped halfway through Hemingway to read Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me and haven’t put it down. Just finished this morning. A must read if you like to laugh! I am giving myself til the end of the month to finish Across the River and into the Trees.

10. Write at least one poem or short story each month:
Well, I’ve written down about 10 great ideas…guess I have some catching up to do.

11. Submit 3 pieces to various publications:
Refer to #10.

my first attempt preparing quinoa = a yummy success

12. Make a conscious effort to exercise regularly and eat healthier:
SUCCESS! I am cooking A LOT and getting in all of the food groups, especially fruits and veggies (I could nosh on them all day). I don’t eat much meat anyway, so that has been a cost-saver. I am keeping track of my protein intake, especially since I’m in half-marathon training mode. I have a new love affair with quinoa (in case you were like me and didn’t know how it was pronounced, the qui sounds like key) I’ve also been using my free Y membership and getting up at 5:30ish to start off my day with a good workout. I might have shared this before, but here’s the training schedule I swear by: Thank you, SELF Magazine, for ditching the monotony and making my marathon training fun and beneficial! Stiff knees and shin splints are a thing of the past!

13. Run another half-marathon:
REGISTERED! I will be doing the Marine Corps Half Marathon in Fredericksburg, VA in May with my awesome childhood and blogger friend, Kristin. Check out her fabulous blog – The Southern Summer.

14. Start practicing yoga again:
CHECK! It’s included in my half-marathon training. I practice at the Y 1-2 times a week and on my own at home when I need to relax and/or stretch.

I’ve shown you mine, now you show me yours! How are your resolutions coming? It’s hard to stay motivated sometimes and we can get all wrapped up in the beginning and then stray as the year progresses. I’ve found an accountability partner is necessary. Mine is all of you. Thanks for being there. 🙂


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