Faith vs. Fear

Today I saw this on Pinterest:

I pinned it, of course. It’s not something that only a genius could come up with, but it is something many of us need to be told every now and then. Whether you believe in God, some other higher power or even mother nature, it is important to have faith in yourself as well. If you don’t then how could you expect someone else to? When you have faith in yourself, BIG things can happen.  No matter how scary this great big world can be or how risky you might think a decision or opportunity is, have faith that it will all work out. If you stumble or even fail, you’ll have learned something about yourself. Most of all, that faith can make you realize you can pull yourself back up and start over. That will make you that much stronger. And at least you can’t look back and say you never tried.

I was going to end there, but I thought why not share my own experience with taking risks and having faith in myself…I will preface this by saying I am in no way an adventure junkie. I am OCD, afraid of heights, a little neurotic, sensitive, terrified of needles, scared of water (seriously, my body tenses up when I try swimming), a perfectionist, opinionated, terrified of staying in one place for too long, and so on and so forth…But because I am stubborn, I try not to let my fears overcome me and affect my decisions. Just to prove it to you, these are 11 things (because just doing 10 is too easy) I have done that scared the bejeezus out of me but I am so glad I did:

1. Went potluck with roommates during college
2. Spent a semester in Paris (equal parts excitement and fear)
3. Moved to my hometown after being away for 6 years (and also after swearing that was something I’d never do)
4. Got a tattoo
5. Pierced my nose – twice!
6. Bought a Groupon for flight lessons (which will be used this spring!)
7. Gone snorkeling in Mexico (did I mention I hate going underwater?!)
8. Bought a house (aka my big DIY project)
9. Reupholster-ed/ing my grandmother’s favorite chair (should be completed tomorrow!)
10. Started grad school after being out of school for 4 years
11. Started a blog 🙂

I am proof that you don’t have to be an adventure junkie to take risks. Even if flight lessons or skydiving aren’t your cup of tea, tackle something else that scares you a little. Complete some DIY project that you’ve been putting off, go to a movie alone (no one will think you’re a sad and lonely sap, I promise!), take that big city job you’ve always wanted, whatever. Just have faith in yourself and do something. It could change your life and make it that much more exciting. If not, at least you’ll have another story to tell.


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