Taming my closet

One Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago, I began the disaster that was organizing my closet. I have way too many shoes and pretty much every item of clothing you could possibly need and then some, so closet space has always been an issue. I’ve looked at tons of design blogs and DIY closet systems, but when Martha Stewart’s Home Decorators’ collection was on sale I jumped at it. After all, I don’t really have the wood cutting tools and patience can sometimes be an issue with me (I’m working on that). It still had to be assembled and I did have to get two hanging rods and wood for shelving above the rods to fit between the rest of the shelving. That ended up saving me about $100 since I didn’t order the shelf and bar unit that would have been too long for my closet anyway. Once the boxes arrived, it was time to rip out the cheap wire closet system and spackle, sand and paint!

It probably wasn’t the cheapest option (around $400), but it definitely makes my closet look much more spacious and it actually looks like a custom built-in with crown molding. Now I have tons of drawer space. It also forced me to get rid of stuff I haven’t worn in years to make room for everything. It feels good to organize and give away! I also invested in some sturdy wood hangers a few years ago but found they take up way too much space and I’m constantly finding cardigans and camis wrinkled on the shelves from slipping right off them. I visited one of my bargain faves, TJ Maxx, and found some pretty teal velvet hangers. They’re really thin and the velvet prevents slippage. They also gave me 25% more space per bar, which equals plenty of room for ALL my clothes!

I definitely don’t want to junk it all up now that everything is so neat and organized. I even have a place for all those pretty fabric boxes from Ikea that I’ve had for about a year. Now, instead of leaving the curtains closed, I constantly want to just stand and stare inside my pretty closet! (note about the curtains – those are gone and will soon be replaced with shutter doors similar to these…but more on that later)

Once this was finished, I had no room left for shoes! (told ya I have a lot) I put an old redone wardrobe on layaway at an antique shop last fall and finally picked it up last week. Since I didn’t need the hanging space, I decided to enlist Elliott’s help in building shelving. We decided to space the shelves 9″ apart to allow plenty of room for boots and heels. This gave us room for 4 shelves. And off to Lowe’s we went! We bought two wood boards 1x10x8 cut down to 38″ for about $20 total. Then we got 8 L shaped brackets to secure at each end to support the shelves. Yes, I allowed drilling into my new wardrobe. There were already holes made for pegs and the new ones didn’t go through the wood. They’re also very sturdy so I don’t have to worry about any crashing during the night.

And viola! Isn’t it gorgeous?! I also had some ideas about jewelry storage via Pinterest (surprised?) so I used an old framed corkboard and some pearl tipped pins to hold all of my necklaces. We screwed that sucker into the dominant door and presto! My necklaces have a home with my shoes. 🙂  Of course, that’s not all of my jewelry, but I stocked up on a small mirrored jewelry box during a trip to Marshall’s (another bargain fave). This organization re-do also forced me to get rid of old jewelry I don’t like/never wear. Most of the stuff I’m getting rid of these days is going to consignment so I can make back some money to finance my smaller DIY projects. If you don’t consign, you should! You typically make 40% of whatever they sell an item for. It makes me feel better when I’m getting rid of stuff knowing that I’m getting at least some of my money back.

My bedroom also got a fancy new paint job and my West Elm bedding (on sale for 20% off!) is en route, so that post will be coming soon!


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