A New Year Equals New Beginnings

Happy 2012 (+2) everyone!  I hope you had a safe and fun time bringing in the new year!  I myself enjoyed some shenanigans (ie. booth dancing, cocktails and sparkly clappers) with my group of 6+ at our typical hangout on Cherokee Street, where one is Ms. Manager and another Mr. Chef. Needless to say, we always get the best service and a few freebies here and there 😉 . We were told there would be a deejay, which translated to posse as there was a man behind the turntable and another bouncing through the crowd doing sing-a-longs with the guests. This turned out to be quite the scene when he partnered with a tipsy, middle-aged gentlewoman (who had been the only one dancing for a good half hour) for a rap rendition of a song that will remain nameless.  I can always sing along to the good rap songs, but I can’t tell you the title or artist to save my life. That is, unless it happens to be m&m Eminem. The best part of the night, besides all the booth dancing, was the free pizza and champagne for treasured guests at midnight.  Let me tell ya, woof down some pizza we did.  And around 1AM we all drove home in pizza induced comas.

My orange dreamsicle midnight cocktail!


Now on to the good New Years’ stuff…

I hope you’ve made your resolutions for the new year. After all, it’s your opportunity to start over (or at least that’s how I choose to look at it).  I always look forward to this time because it reminds me to take care of myself.  It’s so easy to start the year off right by eating healthier, exercising daily, etc., but it’s even easier to tire out your motivation by the end of the year.  I like to think of this time as a blank slate, a chance to begin anew and refreshed…and a chance to actually succeed at achieving and maintaining my vital list of resolutions and lifestyle improvements.

Speaking of resolutions, here’s mine (in no particular order):
~ be a kick ass MOH for my best friend(of 13 years)’s wedding
~ travel to 3 new places (Boston is already on the agenda)
~ write blog posts 3 x per week (yikes – I just realized that’s 156 this year!)
~ take an art class (I currently have my eye on Alisa Burke’s recycled art class…check out her awesomely creative blog at http://alisaburke.blogspot.com/)
~ take a photography class/teach myself how to mack on photoshop
~ finish painting and redecorating my home office and bedroom
~ make improvements to my backyard (make grass miraculously grow, new shed, fence for Susie Q, lay patio stone, build a fire pit)
~ get my finances in order (aka pay off my car, undergrad student loan, etc.)
~ read at least 10 books that aren’t required for grad school (just started Across the River and into the Trees by Hemingway, my fave author)
~ write at least one poem or short story each month
~ submit 3 pieces to various publications
~ make a conscious effort to exercise regularly and eat healthier
~ run another half marathon
~ start practicing yoga again

I know this seems like a lot to tackle, but I’m posting my list to hold myself accountable.  Each of these things are things that I enjoy doing, but need to refocus on.  I’ll keep you updated as I start crossing things off my list!  Feel free to share your creative resolutions as well!


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